Ebara centrifugal pump 65x50 fsha

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Ebara Pump
Ebara centrifugal pump 65x50 fsha
History of the ebara pump
EBARA Corporation, Japan founded in 1912, EBARA Corporation is recognized as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of industrial machinery with a primary focus on the production of pumps and pumping equipment. With over 15,000 employees worldwide, EBARA Corporation operates 96 subsidiaries and 8 affiliated companies in 28 countries generating over $4 billion USD in revenue. Operating within three main business groups: Machines and Fluid Systems, Environmental Engineering and Precision Machinery, Ebara also supports the design and manufacture of chillers, compressors, incinerators and semiconductor equipment. The EBARA FSA pump is one of EBARA Corporation's products.
Ebara 65x50 fsha centrifuge specifications
Inlet Diameter: 65 mm
Outlet Diameter: 50 mm
Max. Working Pressure: 10 bar for standard JIS 10K flange, 16 bar for standard JIS 16K flange
Temperature: 0 – 80 Degrees Celsius (32 to 176 Fahrenheit)
Synchronous speed: 3000 rpm (2 Pole) and 1500 rpm (4 Pole)
Capacity: 0.15 to 0.3 m3/minute at 1500 rpm rotation and 0.3 to 0.6 m3/minute at 3000 rpm rotation
Head/thrust: 5 to 20 meters at 1500 rpm and 20 to 80 meters at 3000 rpm
Power supply: 0.75 kw – 2.2 kw at 1500 rpm and 3.7 kw – 15 kw at 3000 rpm
The materials of the Ebara 65x50 fsha centrifugal pump are as follows:
Casing Material: Cast Iron
Impeller Material: Casting Bronze (CAC406 / BC6)
Shaft Material: 403 Stainless Steel
Shaft seal material: Mechanical Seal: Ceramic / Carbon / NBR and Gland Packing

Ebara 65x50 fsha centrifugal pump application
1. Water Supply
- Boosting Pump System.
- Tall buildings.
2. Water Circulation
- Circulating water in heating and cooling.
3. Industrial Use
- Fluid transfer.

Ebara 65x50 fsha centrifugal pump features
1. Easy removal and maintenance, the BPO (Back Pull Out) system allows all rotating elements to be removed without breaking the suction and exhaust pipework.
2. Top centerline discharge, support legs under casing for maximum resistance due to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads.
3. Non-overload design to ensure stable performance for all applications.
4. Wider range application with flow capacity up to 22 m3/min.
5. High working pressure up to 16 bar.

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