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Induction Motor - Cheap TECO electric motor
Induction Motor - Cheap TECO electric motor
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19 Jan 2021
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Specification of Induction Motor - Cheap TECO electric motor

Cheap TECO electric motor

History of TECO induction motors

Starting as a local motorbike manufacturer in Taiwan, TECO was founded in 1956. TECO's "Quality First" concept has been presented in the TECO culture since the beginning of its history. This high standard has enabled the group to progressively produce products that meet and exceed the NEMA, IEC, BS-EN, JIS, US and CNS standards. Through a complete line of motors ranging from 1/4 Hp to 60,000Hp, a maximum of 14,200 V and a wide selection of engineering products, including high efficiency motors, duty motor inverters and explosion proof motors to meet various customer needs TECO Induction Motor has and gained a famous reputation in the world and become the world's leading producer.

TECO induction motors have collected ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, and more recently in 2000, TECO received EPACT Energy Efficiency Certificate (NO.CC002A, in the USA), establishing the TECO induction motor as an exemplary member of the global market. Exceptional research and development enables TECO induction motors to guarantee production capability and to ensure that TECO induction motors will exceed customer needs and expectations.

TECO induction motors, dedicated to serving a variety of industries throughout the world, are proud to present factories, sales, marketing and service offices located throughout the world. These resources are spread across North America and Asia, several local sales offices, warehouses and repair / modification facilities that provide quality products, customer-focused services, and timely delivery.

The following are the four TECO Induction Motor manufacturing bases as follows:
1. Taiwan - Chung Li Plants and Tan Shui Plant
2. USA - Round Rock, Texas Plant
3. Malaysia - Prai, Penang Plant
4. China - Liuhe and Wuxi, Jiangsu Plants.

For orders and orders for TECO induction motors please contact us.



Motor Induksi

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