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 ​​WIKA Pressure Gauge - Supplier WIKA Pressure Gauge
 ​​WIKA Pressure Gauge - Supplier WIKA Pressure Gauge
 ​​WIKA Pressure Gauge - Supplier WIKA Pressure Gauge
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21 Oct 2020
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Supplier of WIKA Pressure Gauge

WIKA Pressure Gauge

WIKA Pressure Gauge Product

WIKA Pressure Gauge Our pressure gauge (mechanical pressure gauge) for gauges, absolute pressure and differential has been proven millions of times. For optimal solutions for the widest variety of applications, there is a choice of measurement systems in Bourdon tubes, diaphragm elements and capsule element technology. Pressure gauges range in scale from 0 ... 0.5 mbar to 0 ... 6,000 bars and the accuracy of the indication is up to 0.1%. For various requirements in industrial instrumentation and processes there are pressure elements from copper alloys, stainless steels or special materials.

The WIKA Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge offers you the right pressure gauge for each industry and every measurement requirement.

WIKA Pressure Gauge relative to Bourdon tube (0.6 ... 7,000 bar)

WIKA Pressure Gauge is relative to the diaphragm element for high overpressure safety (16 mbar ... 40 bar)

WIKA Pressure Gauge is relative to capsule elements for very low pressures (2.5 ... 600 mbar).

WIKA Pressure Gauge Absolute pressure gauge
The range scale for the pressure gauge is between 0 ... 25 absolute mbar and 0 ... 25 absolute bars, with a class accuracy of 0.6 ... 2.5. This very precise pressure gauge is used, for example, for monitoring in vacuum packing machines and vacuum pumps.

WIKA Pressure Gauge Differential pressure gauge
Differential pressure gauges work with various pressure elements. As a result, measurements range from 0 ... 0.5 mbar to 0 ... 1,000 bars and static over-pressure of up to 400 bars is possible

WIKA Pressure Gauge has advantages and qualities such as: Comprehensive technology competencies, Highest security standards, International agreements, Long-term supply security, Reliability through years of experience

We have a stock pressure gauge with body diameters ranging from 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and others.

WIKA Pressure Gauge has factories and manufactures in various parts of the continent such as America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

We are one of the WIKA Pressure Gauge Suppliers in Indonesia especially in Jakarta with different types of pressure, material, units, and specifications such as:
0 ~ 6 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 10 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 15 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 25 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 35 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 100 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 150 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 250 kgf / cm2
0 ~ 350 kgf / cm2 and others.
Find the WIKA Pressure Gauge product on our website and contact us to order a WIKA Pressure Gauge product





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