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24 Jun 2022
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Specification of ​​Pump Rotary Hand Pump- Distributor Hand Pump

Distributor Hand Pump

Hand Pump

Rotary Hand Pump for portable expenses

Rotary hand pumps are manual pumps that do not require electricity or other forms of power to operate, which makes them good for portable and used in remote locations, and are cost-effective. The Hand Pump as they are also called, tends to remove from the drum or barrel but can also be used in tanks and other containers. The rotary hand pump provides a variety of hand pumps for various liquids including water, gasoline, oil, alcohol, and acetone, and can be used for a number of applications.

Modern Hand Pump for rotary oil / oil pumps.

Rustproof aluminum can be used for oil, oil and the like.

Light and easy to install. Can not be used to pump fuel (diesel, gasoline, et al) or the like.

The work method is rotated manually to suck oil from the drum. Large oil pumps are used in large drums. how it works is grabbed to suck oil / oil from the drum.

The following are the types of Hand Pump:


Rotary hand pump made of iron with stainless steel ..

Brand: Oriental

made in: CHINA

pipe length: + - 120 cm


Easy to use

Hand Pump Material Iron Material

- Material Pipe Inlet: Iron

- Oil, Oil, Gasoline, Chemical and so on pumps

- This Rotary Manual Oil Pump can suck liquid by turning the lever / handle.

- Pipe length: 100 cm (1 meter)

- Inlet: M32 (1 ")

- Outlet: M

Rotary Hand Pump for Polypropylene Chemicals for Dispensing

Polypropylene material

Size: 1-2 inch

Applications: acid, alkali, alcohol, diesel, gasoline, engine oil, water

PVC MANUAL rotary Hand Pump, Hand Oil, Oriental Oil, Hand Oil Pump, CHEMISTRY

Cast Iron Rotary Drum Hand

Pump 25mm 22L / Min

Cast iron

Size: 1-2 inch

gasoline, lubricants, kerosene, diesel fuel, cooking oil and other oils, not for water or corrosive liquids

Rotary Hand Pump 304 Stainless Steel Rotary Hand Drum Pump-32mm 22L / Min

304 Stainless Steel

Size: 1-2 inch

drink water, milk, alcohol, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricants, water based chemical solutions acid and alkali, strong acids, strong alkali solutions, nitric acid, etc.

And much more

We are a Hand Pump Distributor in Indonesia in the central region of Jakarta. We sell various types and specifications of available Pump Hand.

Contact us to ask for Hand Pump conditions and order according to your needs and according to the specifications you need. We will provide services with a fast and satisfying response.



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