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 ​​Ebara GPE Gear Pump - Supplier of Ebara Gear Pump Model 25 GPE
 ​​Ebara GPE Gear Pump - Supplier of Ebara Gear Pump Model 25 GPE
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21 Oct 2020
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Supplier of Ebara Gear Pump Model 25 GPE

Ebara Gear Pump GPE Model

Ebara Ready Pump Gear Pump Model 25 GPE

Sell ​​Ebara Gear Pump Model 25 GPE

Oil and Oil Pump Gear Ebara Pump Model 25 GPE (Gear Pump)

This pump can move Oil and Oil with power and capacity, namely: capacity of 40 L / Min pressure 3 kgf / cm2 (0.3 MPa) with electric power 0.75 kW, 3 phase, 1450 rpm, 50 Hz.

Oil Pump Ebara Gear Pump Model 25 GPE is a type of positive displacement pump where the fluid will flow through the gaps of the gears with the walls of the house. It is referred to as a pump because the fluid flowed is generally in the form of liquid (liquid) or slurry (slurry) and oil or oil. Whereas the positive displacement pump means that the pump sucks a number of trapped fluids which are then pressed and moved towards the outlet. Gear pumps are often used for hydrolic fluid power applications. However, not infrequently it is also used in the chemical field to flow fliuda at certain viscosity. There are two types of gear pumps, namely the external gear pump and internal gear pump. This pump is classified as a fixed displacement because the amount of fluid flowed every rotation is always constant.

You can buy pump only (complete pump) or complete motor on top of the base plate (already coupled)
We are a supplier of Ebara Model 25 GPE Gear Pump with stock ready at low prices, competitive and competitive located in the Jakarta area with specifications and types available.

Contact us to ask for the stock and order conditions of the Ebara Model 25 GPE Gear Pump according to your needs and according to the specifications you need. We will provide services with a fast and satisfying response.



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