​​2 inch Flow Meter SHM - SHM 2 Flowmeter "(DN 50)

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Specification of ​​2 inch Flow Meter SHM - SHM 2 Flowmeter "(DN 50)

Sell ​​SHM 2 Flowmeter "(DN 50)

SHM 2 Flowmeter "(DN 50)

SHM size 2 inch / DN 50 for Cold / Cold Water, Maximum 50ºC and maximal 90ºC.

SHM 2 "Flowmeter (DN 50) the latest type with 316 stainless lid material, stronger against rust and weather

In accordance with the current Government Regulation concerning Liquid Waste Disposal Measurement Obligations, suitable for processing STP waste, WTP in Hospitals, Malls, Hotels, PLN, Palm Oil Waste etc.

Water Kotor flowmeter will not cause congestion in the mechanical system, whatever objects pass through it

At a glance the flowmeter of clean water and dirty water is in the same shape, but the dirty water flow meter is designed to be able to pass all kinds of dirt, rocks, sand without worrying about jamming or getting stuck.

SHM 2 ”flowmeter (DN 50) can be used for a very long period of time and does not require a power source for the flowmeter

SHM 2 Flowmeter Products (DN 50) have been widely used in Hospitals / Hotels / PLN / Mall / Palm throughout Indonesia.

SHM flowmeters are available in various sizes: 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch (Ready Stock) and 10 inch and 12 inch to a large diameter of 14 inch to 56 inch. SHM 2 "Flowmeter (DN 50) is designed with Glass Register so that the display is durable and resistant to all weather, remains clear and strong.

Product warranty for Flowmeter SHM 2 "(DN 50) is 2 Years, ie warranty for spare parts and warranty service

We sell SHM 2 "Flowmeter (DN 50) in Indonesia located in Jakarta with a large stock.

We sell products and machines to support your industry / factories such as industrial pumps, dosing pumps, gear pumps, induction motors, blowers, pressure gauges, flowmeters, other technical, mechanical and electrical devices. One of our superior products is SHM 2 Flowmeter "(DN 50). We service every need you need



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