Intersigma Gear pump ZPG 8

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15 May 2024
Country Origin
Czech Republic
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1 Unit
Intersigma ZPG 8 gear pump
The Intersigma ZPG 8 gear pump comes from the Czech Republic at Tovární 605, 753 01 Hranice with the company SIGMA PUMPY HRANICE, s.r.o.
The Intersigma ZPG 8 gear pump is a ZPG Type Low Pressure Pump
Intersigma ZPG 8 Gear Pump Specifications
The Intersigma ZPG 8 gear pump has a pipe diameter of 3 icnh (DN 80), capacity of 3,166 l/s to 7,500 l/s with electrical power from 1.4 kW to 8.2 kW.
Intersigma ZPG 8 Gear pump application
In general, ZPG low pressure − pressure pumps are intended for the delivery of fluids with lubricating capacity without the content of mechanical abrasive solids.
Max. pumped liquid temperature: 80°C
Max. pump delivery pressure: 6 bar
InterSigma gearpumps are provided to pump all types of oils, petroleum, thinners, emulsions, foams, molasses, tars, lyes, varnishes, soluble glass, etc.
InterSigma gearpumps are also applicable to lubrication and cooling systems
various machines and aquipments, for − hyd− low pressure
raulic drives, etc.
Intersigma ZPG 8 Gear pump design
The Intersigma ZPG 8 gear pump is a horizontal leg − mount type with external gear ex−.
The gears are gripped quickly on the shaft, which on their other side is supported on a bearing bush which is lubricated by the fluid being transmitted. The rotor relief of radial forces and the stuf−finger box relief of liquid pressure can be obtained by the realization of interior modifications according to the working con− of the pump tube. The stuffing box with cable packing prevents penetration of liquid pumped around the drive shaft.
Intersigma ZPG 8 gear pump
The specified InterSigma ZPG 6 Gearpump material consists of the main parts of the following materials:
pump casing, shield/cover, stuffing box housing are from gray cast iron; gears and shafts are from carbon steel; Bearing bushes are of carbon steel with bronze coating.
We sell Intersigma ZPG 8 gear pumps with available stock, cheap, competitive and competitive prices located in the Jakarta area with available stock.
Contact us to ask about stock conditions and order the Intersigma ZPG 8 Gear pump
according to your needs and according to the specifications you require. We will provide service with a fast and satisfying response.

Gear pump Intersigma ZPG 8
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