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SHM Flowmeters

The SHM Flow Meter is the right solution for measuring water flow, both clean water and dirty water with fine and solid particles. With its innovative design and advanced features, the SHM Flow Meter is very suitable for various applications, from PDAM, river water, ground water, to waste and water containing chemicals.

SHM Flow Meter Specifications

  • Material: Stainless Steel or plastic
  • Diameter: Starting from 2 inches to 56 inches
  • Maximum Pressure: Up to 16 Bar
  • Maximum Temperature: 90°C for hot water and 50°C for cold water
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • High Quality Material
  • Guarantee up to 2 years

Other superior features include easy installation and maintenance, Stainless Steel lid, Dry Magnetic Dial, High Bypass, Glass Vacuum Sealed Register, and the ability to work over a wide temperature range.

SHM Flow Meter Function

Flow Meter SHM functions to measure water flow rates accurately and efficiently. With a design that allows the flow of all fine and solid particles, the SHM Flow Meter will not cause jams in the mechanical system. Maintenance is very easy, so users can monitor and control water flow better.

SHM Flow Meter Application

SHM Flow Meters can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Waste water treatment (STP) in hospitals, hotels, industry, malls and residential areas.
  • Measurement of raw water, sludge water, and other applications.
  • Use at treatment water inlet and outlet.
  • Ideal for pump systems and high flow rates.

SHM Flow Meter Product Variants

SHM Flow Meters are available in various sizes, from 2" (DN50) to 12" (DN300) for available products, and up to 56" (DN1400) for products that can be ordered. SHM Flow Meters are also available in various types, such as flow meters for clean water, waste water, electromagnetic, chemical and sea water. This product can be adjusted to the desired model and material, such as thread model, flange model, stainless steel material or plastic material.

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