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Flow Meter SHM - Sell SHM Dirty Water Flowmeter
Flow Meter SHM - Sell SHM Dirty Water Flowmeter
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22 Oct 2020
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Selling SHM Dirty Water Flowmeter

Gross Water Flow Meter SHM

Dirty Water Flow Meter SHM is a flowmeter for dirty water (can also be for clean water) can be passed by all fine and solid particles and will not cause congestion in the mechanical system, maintenance is very easy. Can be used for PDAM water, river water, ground water, waste, water containing other chemicals and water. Dirty Water Flow Meter SHM is produced with good quality equivalent to other well-known brands
Features of SHM Dirty Water Flow Meter:
- Easy Installation and Maintenance
- Stainless Steel Lid, Magnetic Dry Dial
- High Bypass and Very Low Head Loss
- Glass Vacuum Sealed Register - free from Condesation and long-term use
- Working Temperature 0.1 ºC - 50 ºC for Cold and 0.1 ºC - 90 ºC for Hotwater
- Maximum Error: +/- 2%
- Maximum pressure to 16 bars and has excellent accuracy
- Selected High Quality Materials
- Made with high-quality materials, Warranty for up to 2 years

Application of SHM Dirty Water Flow Meter:
- Sewage Treatment Plant (STP); namely: Hospitals, Hotels, Industries, Malls, Residential, Palm Oil Industries, etc.
- Raw Water, Sludge Water and many others
- Treatment inlets and water outlets
- Most suitable for pump systems and high flow rates
- Many other applications

SHM Dirty Water Flow meters are available in various sizes: 2 "(DN50), 2.5" (DN65), 3 "(DN80), 4" (DN100), 5 "(DN125), 6" (DN150). 8 "(DN200), 10" (DN250) and 12 "(DN300) (Ready Stock) and large diameters 14" (DN350) to 56 "(DN1400) (Indent about 1 month)

SHM Dirty Water Flow meters are sold with a wide range of products according to the applications desired, namely flow meter SHM clean water, SHM waste water flow meter, SHM electromagnetic flow meter, flow meter SHM chemical and seawater with models and materials as desired SS material, plastic material, drat model, flange model, and so on

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