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Milano Centrifugal Pump Agent - Milano Agent Stainless Stell Pump 316
Milano Centrifugal Pump Agent - Milano Agent Stainless Stell Pump 316
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30 Nov 2020
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Agent Milano Pump Stainless Stell 316

Milano Stainless Pump Stell 316

Milano Stell 316 Stainless Pump originating from the State of Taiwan which is designed with material made from full stainless steel 316 (the part that is subject to liquid), it is suitable for use in sea water and chemical pumps with high acidity

Features of Milano Stainless Stell Pump 316:
5. Superior hydraulic design
6. Easy to dismantle:
7. Wet section of stainless steel
8. Acid / Alkali Resisting

Product specifications Milano Pump Stainless Stell 316:
- Category: Pumps
- Brand: Milano
- Power: 0.37-55kW
- Capacity: 150 m3 / h
- Head: 120 Meters
- Liquid temperature: -15 ° C to 180 ° C
- Pressure: 16 bars
Application of Milano Stainless Stell Pump 316
Milano Centrifugal End Suction Pump is used for aggressive water supply, sea water supply or circulation (cold or hot water circulation), supply of clean or pure water, various petrochemicals and other special applications

Milano Stainless Stell 316 Pump can also be used for water supply applications, AC circulating systems, liquid transfers in industry and horticulture, agricultural irrigation and spray firefighters with pressures up to 160 meters and temperatures: -20 to 160 capacities up to 400 m³ / hour.

Material Milano Stainless Stell Pump 316:
Material Milano Pump Stainless Stell 316 Wetted Parts Volute Casing: SS304, Impeller: SS316, Back Plate: SS304, Shaft: SS316 (Non Wetted Parts), bearing housing: Steel, Shaft Sealing: Mechanical Seal (Carbon vs. Ceramic).

We are Milano 316 Stainless Stell Pump Agent in Indonesia in the central area of ​​Jakarta. We sell various types and specifications of Milano Pump Stainless Stell 316 available.

We sell products and machines to support your industry / factories such as industrial pumps, dosing pumps, gear pumps, induction motors, blowers, pressure gauges, flowmeters, other technical, mechanical and electrical devices. One of our superior products is Milano Stainless Stell 316 Pump. We service every need you need.

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